Mistakes men make

Online Dating: Mistakes men make setting their profile photo

When travelling or moving to a new city, it is only natural to want to meet people. In this digital age, with busy lives, it is quite convenient to connect online. After relocating to Montreal, I ventured into the online dating world to see who I might meet. Yet I was overcome with shocked and amused, disbelief at some of the profile photos some men used! Here are some of the mistakes men make when setting their profile photo.

Leaving Colombia

Leaving Colombia

This is a quick snippet of the unique travel encounters you can experience in Colombia, a country which exceeded all my expectations! Travelling solo for six weeks was one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences of my life. In this blog, I convey the sentiments I was feeling, as I was leaving Colombia.

First snowfall Montreal, Le Plateau

A Canadian winter: To hibernate or activate?

Through my travels, I have had many challenges, yet nothing could prepare me for my first Canadian winter! Now as this ‘mild’ season draws to a close and spring is taunting us with the odd sunny day, I reflect on the advice given to me by locals and expats on living through the Montreal winter. The big debate is whether to activate or hibernate during the below freezing temperatures!